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Annealing process research of high carbon galvanized steel wire for cotton packing

High carbon galvanized steel wire for cotton packing has high requirements on the three indexes such as tensile strength,number of bending and elongation.Diameter 3.4 mm galvanized steel wire produced by diameter 6.5 mm 65 steel hot rolled wire rod was annealing tested,with the temperature increasing,steel wire tensile strength was increased first then decreased,when annealing temperature was lower than 640 ℃,tensile strength was higher than 1 400 MPa,number of bending was decreased with the temperature increasing,when temperature was lower than 600 ℃,steel wire bending number was higher than 12,with the temperature increasing,steel wire elongation was increased,when temperature was lower than 460 ℃,elongation changed little,when temperature was higher than 460 ℃,the elongation increased rapidly,when temperature was higher than 520 ℃,elongation was higher

Post time: Oct-27-2021