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Safe, the steel plate may be welded to the edge of the steel plate to avoid the deflection of the steel plate and the total size of the installed flat steel. Even if the width is shorter, it is called length. When the order is planned or written, it is marked with the size after the letter LB, and the sketchboard is used to show length errors.

Edge plate or kick plate: edge plate over 100. It is welded to the edge or top of the stencil to keep people or objects from falling. The height of the board can also be specified by the user.

Steel grille is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, tap water, sewage treatment, port dock, construction and transformation, shipbuilding, self walk parking, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering and other fields, corridor, style, ditch cover, shaft cover, ladder, railings and other steel grids, can be fixed steel grid device and fixed.

Welding fixture is suitable for fixed non-disassembly and assembly parts, such as the channel of equipment, fixture has the characteristics of no damage to the zinc layer and convenient disassembly. The fixture is suitable for a variety of series of steel plates, including a card, a lower card and an M8 bolt.

The method of welding and fixing is: on the plane of each Angle of the steel plate, the weld length is not less than 20mm, and the welding point is not less than 3mm. The fixture is fixed by using at least four sets of fixtures for each plate and by installing a larger span plate on the available bracket.

Hot dip galvanized steel plate is to lubricate the appearance and avoid rust. Passivation is the key of this kind of maintenance. Passivation is the formation of a dense oxide layer on the surface. Before installing the steel grid plate, the production enterprise should be required to supply the device according to the drawings of the drawings. It’s like a device command. In the production process, the steel grating plate produced is generally numbered. According to the drawings supplied by the drawings, you only need to lay the steel grille according to the number of drawings.

welded wire mesh (107)

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