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Galvanized iron wire is made of low carbon steel wire after cold drawing, heating and constant temperature and a series of processing and production of soft wire products, galvanized iron wire softness balance, consistent color, generally in daily life is more common galvanized wire mesh, it is mainly used to enhance the thermal insulation performance of external walls and resistance to wall cracking. So what are the advantages of galvanized wire mesh in daily life?

1. It is beautiful, practical, convenient to transport and simple to install.
2. High anti-damage performance, good rigidity, beautiful shape, broad vision, easy installation, bright and relaxed feeling.
3, suitable bending, cast into the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface can use a variety of colors of dipping processing, column and mesh collocation of different colors is pleasing to the eye, at the same time this product is mostly with the chassis column, installation only need to play good expansion bolts, very fast.
Barbed wire can also be used as a shield when the frequency of interference with the electromagnetic field is higher, the use of low resistivity of the metal material generated by the eddy current, the formation of foreign electromagnetic wave offset, so as to achieve the effect of shielding.
The above is the advantages of galvanized wire mesh in the application, in addition, galvanized wire mesh in slope protection can adapt to a variety of slope terrain, and convenient installation, effective protection needed to protect the stability of the soil, rock, easy to artificial greening, is conducive to the development of environmental protection.


Post time: Aug-30-2021