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what is electro-galvanised wire?

Electro Galvanization is a process where a thin layer is zinc is electrically and chemically bonded to the steel wire in order to give it a coating.

During the Electro Galvanization process, Steel wires are immersed in saline bath. Zinc acts the anode and Steel Wire acts as cathode and electricity is used to move electrons from anode to cathode. And the wire gets a thin layer of zinc which thereby forms a preventive layer.

When the process is complete, the finished coating is smooth, drip-free, and shiny—making it ideal for architectural applications or other applications where its aesthetic characteristics would be of value. However, once it’s exposed to the elements, the finish may deteriorate in a small amount of time.

Electro-galvanized is a method of galvanizing. It is called cold-galvanizing in the industry. Electro-galvanized zinc layer generally in the 3 to 5 microns, special requirements can also reach 7 to 8 microns.The principle is to use electrolysis to form a uniform, dense and well-bonded metal or alloy deposit on the surface of the part. Compared with other metals. Zinc is a relatively inexpensive and easily plate-able metal. It is a low-value anti-corrosion coating. It is widely used to protect steel parts, especially to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and is used for decoration.

Advantages of Electro Galvanized Wire
• Cost-effective compared to Hot Dipped GI
• Bright surface finish
• Uniform zinc coating

However, there are some disadvantages of Electro Galvanized Wire
• Short life span compared to Hot Dipped GI
• Will corrode much faster than an identical product that’s been hot dip galvanized
• Limitations to Zinc coating thickness

Post time: Jun-21-2021