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Annealing wire is widely used mainly because of its good elasticity and flexibility, in the process of annealing can be very good control of its hardness, it is mainly made of iron wire, more commonly used in the construction industry tied wire use. In the production of annealing wire will be processed according to the performance of the material, according to the demand for different degree of hardness of its soft change, can make it has more advantages, can reduce the consumption of metal, reduce the cost of production.

In use, there is no need for daily maintenance and maintenance, not only can save a lot of time, but also can reduce costs, but also has good stability, strong corrosion resistance, greatly prolong the service life. According to the different process is divided into different types, can choose according to their own needs. With good flexibility and elasticity, the main role of annealing wire is to control its degree of softness and hardness, in the production of annealing wire is made of steel wire, now more used in the construction industry binding use, compared with ordinary wire is also more soft, have better luster.

Use in daily life does not need to carry out maintenance and maintenance, save a lot of time, but also save maintenance and maintenance costs. The annealed wire has good stability and corrosion resistance, which greatly prolongs its service life. There are many kinds, which can be selected according to different uses. The device for making anneal wire is simple, which improves the utilization rate of the device. The material properties of annealed wire can meet different processing requirements.

Annealing wire

The price of galvanized wire is higher than that of general wire, but on the performance, it is also much better than that of general wire. Galvanized wire is the coating of zinc on the outside of the wire to better maintain the wire. When producing galvanized wire, pickling should be carried out. Pickling is to use some acid mist or acid to wash away some oxides on the surface of iron, that is, rust, and some other corrosive substances, to reach the intention of cleaning iron, so that zinc will fall when galvanizing.

Post time: Sep-14-2021