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  • Difference between Hot-dip galvanized and Electro galvanized welded wire mesh

    1. Main difference Hot-dip galvanizing is to melt the zinc into a liquid state, and then immerse the substrate to be plated, so that the zinc forms an interpenetrating layer with the substrate to be plated, so that the bonding is very tight, and no impurities or defects remain in the middle of th...
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  • what is electro-galvanised wire?

    Electro Galvanization is a process where a thin layer is zinc is electrically and chemically bonded to the steel wire in order to give it a coating. During the Electro Galvanization process, Steel wires are immersed in saline bath. Zinc acts the anode and Steel Wire acts as cathode and electricit...
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  • How is Hot Dipped Galvanised Wire – Hot Dipped (GI) Wire made?

    In Hot Dipped Galvanizing process, single uncoated steel wire is passed through molten zinc bath. The wires are passed through molten zinc after going through a rigorous 7-step caustic cleaning process. The cleaning process ensures better adhesion and bonding. The wire are then cooled and a coati...
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